Do I need a large range of weights at home? NO….All of the workouts can be adapted to one weight or even no weight (however one weight is preffered)

I’m very unfit, would The SHE Plan still work for me? Absolutely….we ALL start somewhere, and as long as we are prepared and happy to learn, take it slowly and not allow ourselves to compare to others, then you really can do amazing things. Most “Newbies” take 3 – 8 weeks to find their feet.

If I join The SHE Plan is this a monthly subscription and will it take money every month? In short, yes it is a monthly subscription, however there are MANY benefits that come with that. 1. The subscription gives you access to a wonderful community of women, information and more importantly SUPPORT (from me and the others). 2. You will have a discount code for 15% of any other JJLF Service. 3. The subscription means you have open access to ON DEMAND and live classes, a specifically designed home workout plan and the monthly payment is to keep you working on yourself every day, week, month….its a commitment to yourself. Obviously, if the monthly subscription does work for you, you can cancel at any time (5 days notice prior to payment needed) and you can do PAYG if you prefer.

How much are the classes? All prices can be found on the Services Page

Can I try before I buy? Contact Jen and she will let you know where you can go, what you can do etc

I want to lose weight, will this help? Weight loss and gain is contributed to by consistent behaviour patterns. I am sure that if exercise becomes a consistent behaviour then it will of course help towards a weight loss goal….However the focus of JJLF is to find strength, health and empowerment through movement, social interaction and self health practices. Trust me when I say, once you invest time and effort into both your physical and mental health, the rest will look after itself.

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