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Jen (Head Coach and Owner)

HI, I’m Jen, with over 1000 online hours and many many more face to face coaching hours under my belt, I pride myself on my energetic, empathetic and supportive training approach. Not only do I have buckets of experience but I have made sure I have the qualifications and personality (or so I have been told) to boot…

As a mum of two boys and wife to a busy shift worker, I can totally appreciate that life is sometimes overwhelming….I know how it feels to pop yourself to the bottom of the list, I know you cannot pour from an empty cup and I know that unless I ensure I show myself some self love, care and time I can become unwell, in both mind and body….I am incredibly passionate about the importance of fitness and self care as a regular part of every woman’s lifestyle….

Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Pre and Post Natal Instruction, Circuits, Kettlebells and Level 3 Kids Fitness Instruction…..Hopefully these qualifications alone show my passion for fitness, driven through a 10 year love affair of lifting weights, feeling strong and growing in confidence to be the best mother, wife and business owner.

After moving to one of the most incredible communities in South Wales I met an abundance of wonderful women and after working out with one of these ladies (Lucy) in my garage, Lucy suggested I start a class because she believed it would be popular. Never one to do things by half, I got qualified and started the class we now know and love as STEAM….and as they say…..the rest is history!!

I am completely inspired every day by the women I work with, whether it be during a 1:1 session, in a small group class or online as part of The SHE Plan…..We are amazing women….


…our little Rock Goddess

Charlotte was actually once one of my clients, she loved lifting weights and loved being part of our little community….

When the Pandemic swooped over the country, Charlotte unfortunately got made redundant from her Coffee Shop Manager Role so she got herself trained up to be a Level 3 PT Coach….Charlotte takes the Tuesday TWOS-day classes and can occasionally be seen on screen delivering a sweaty SHE PLAN Session…..playing the “good” music. As well as this Charlotte delivers a super popular Weight lifting Class on a Wednesday from the Garage (this can be booked via JJLF or Charlotte Direct)


…if her leggings cant brighten your day….nothing can!

Sarah has been a PT for over 10 years, she is also a Mummy of two so fully understands the demands of mum and work life….regularly gracing our Monday Morning Express Class, our Bristonian babe can brighten up even the darkest of early mornings.

Never ha she been seen in a dull and dreary mood or pair of leggings, Sarah’s knowledge and energy comes through onto your screen….

Monday Mornings are not to be missed….

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