“I’m going to start a class in the Village and teach people how to lift weights, move functionally, have fun and have confidence to walk into a gym….” Jen Johnson (2017)




This Business was born of wanting to bring strength, fitness and confidence to busy women, making fitness not only accessible but also inviting, fun and empowering…..three years after opening I can honestly say….I have achieved in doing this.

Before having my eldest son Eddie I had a really consistent relationship with fitness, having previous been quite over weight and very unhealthy (smoking, binge drinking, up late, up early lifestyle) in my early 20s, I started my fitness journey with a PT and using the CrossFit Style exercise approach. I loved CrossFit, it was challenging, gripped my interest (a lot more than a treadmill every could) made me strong (and sexy) and it came with an amazing community of people who I would hang out with, be healthy with and workout with…..but after having my little boy getting to the gym became so much harder. When I then moved house I looked for a similar space, I found friends and I would say “come to the gym with me” and they would shake it off by saying they didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym, or they didn’t want to get bulky…..but they also didn’t want to do an aerobic style class….so they were stuck in limbo….and so was I…..until this….

JJLF Focuses fitness around Functionality, we do Deadlifts because we never want to struggle to lift our shopping, we do back squats because we don’t ever want to feel stuck in a chair unable to stand up….we do burpees (yes we do lots of burpees) because we want to feel sure that if we ever fall on the floor (real life or hypothetically) we will always be able to get back up. There is so much positivity behind this style of training….

Physical fitness and strength training has a huge amount of benefits for women of all ages, sizes, abilities and confidence.

Developing strength can help through puberty, pregnancy, motherhood and through to menopause….

Developing physical fitness can help day to day life, functionality and keeping up with the kids, or grand kids, allows you to play sport with friends or teams, allows you not to fear the school sports day or fear the older age and ability…

Developing Fitness in a Friendly, Sociable and Welcoming Community helps with confidence, enjoyment and the belief that your belong somewhere, not the feeling of “sticking out like a sore thumb because you are not sure what you are doing”….

All of the above will help with mental health too…..endorphins, confidence, belonging, honest spaces, healthy aggression release, exploration of capabilities and strength will ALL HELP TOWARDS A HEALTHY MINDSET…..

Be part of the bigger picture, be part of something special, be part of Jen Johnson Lifestyle Fitness….

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